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Welcome! | Alex Pavlov
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by Alex Pavlov

Hi everyone! Hello dear visitor!

Very nice to see you here, on my website dedicated to literature.

I am Alex. I live in Moscow now, Russia. I was born in the USSR in 1972, in Volgograd-city – the former Stalingrad. 

In the beginning, I’d like to apologize for possible errors in my English. It’s not my native language and I began to study it several years ago, as well as French. They are my favorite foreign ones and I hope they’ll be better as soon as possible. 

Literature is my best-loved hobby. Every day I read the different books in English, French and Russian. And I try to translate some stories of famous russian writers into english and french. 

I also write the books myself: short stories, big novels and, of course, love stories. Some of them I’m going to translate. Here is my russian literary website and the site of our publishing house in Moscow.

In addition to paper books, I am very sure that e-books have a great importance in our modern times. Therefore, I learned a little about how to create nice e-books and here I would share my experience. And especially I think it’s very important to show people of older generations the creation of e-books. Many of them have a great life experience and they can tell us many interesting things. For us and for following generations.

A lot of different things I’m going to place and post here. And, of course, I’m very sure it’s great that the modern technologies give us the unlimited opportunities and possibilities. I have a feeling of contentment to use them! I am happy to live in the developed world like this! And I am lucky to communicate with other interesting people all over the world! With no doubts, all of these can make our life better.

Thank you for your attention, dear guest!
Nice to see you and best regards!

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