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Only veritable creativity could serve as the foundation for substantial success. And there's something else I believe in.

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Thinking Aloud.

/ The foremost dangerous situation in life, it is when all things are going on too good.

One head it’s actually good. Two is probably not bad, but not always it works out. And in the case of three ones, it’s all in shambles and total chaos as well.

Anyone can be easily cheated and duped, for no one reason than this one himself is always looking for something to quickly believe.

There are often very weird people: they want to be like leaders in their dreams, but any time they consciously and deliberately get in the back of any line. So:

/ …The predestination of many is written just right on their faces.

He guessed something right. But it’s not his good experience in this way.

No matter how lavishly you feed the wolf, he’s always gonna devour up a dog.

If everlasting life were given to a human being, he would drop utterly everything needs to be done, simple-minded believing there is plenty of time to do whatever he’d like.

Humanity should compete just in kindness.

As soon as you’re starting to get sober up, the unthinkable absurdity, nonsense and madness are frequently getting to start. And:

/ …Looking around with a sober eye, sometimes you wonder: maybe the whole world is drunk?

/ His creativity initially was great and genius, but finding out himself as a genius, he started to release all sorts of utter crap.

/ The reason might be appeared just a coincidence.

/ If you’re not gonna die tomorrow, and also the day after, then today there’s definitely something to learn and what would’ve been achieved.

/ If someone has lost today, still it doesn’t mean that his enemy was right yesterday.

The reasons for the flops are the flops from the past. 

What the heck! But, absolute sobriety it’s complete unsanitary conditions around!

It may be just a paradox, but really often it’s the drinker who has clear views and perfect understanding about our life around.  

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