Lying-Cheating & Human-Being.

This short story about love, cheating, loyalty… What value is gonna be remaining in all that when life just changes positions a little in human being?

Alexey Pavlov. Literary art and personal blog.

Translated into English by the author. 

Lying-Cheating & Human-Being.

Chapter 1

‘Oh, I’m so sorry!.. I’ve been… have been cheating on you,’ just slipped from her lips. Her voice was a bit crestfallen.

However, there was neither sliver of doubt, nor shred of scruple in her kind of even proud eyes at this very moment. A bit of weird that was.

A great dust-up has broken out at lightning speed! A roaring of indignation and a big bunch of insults followed. Obviously, from the male part all it came.

‘You’re!.. You’re a whore! Damn it! God damn you and all this crazy to hell!’
‘Really sorry about that,’ a deep sadness captured her cute face.

Preparing for divorce took place. Tonight, this couple have been sleeping apart.

But all of a sudden just on the eve, the husband rushed into the bedroom where they’ve spent together so many nights and years. He gently and stubbornly took hold of both her hands, looking pleadingly into her eyes.

‘Hurry up, honey! Please!’
‘What’s wrong?’

She’s been a high-quality medic, and she’s still his wife.

Just a few minutes later a crazy speed dashed along the roads cutting through the cascades of flickering night lights. A whistling headwind towards and a chill-deepened fear were growing inside. They both felt their hearts cramped.

‘Please, drive safe,’ she begged him repeatedly as he was making sharp turns with wild screeches of wheels.

‘Don’t worry, honey, that’s all right, though… as you see, that’s me who’s begging you for safety. Help, please, my love!’

She looked quickly at him.

‘Sorry,’ he said with a shame. ‘For the love of God.’
‘But I am… not God.’
‘You’re a doctor. Very upscale. To me!.. my dad, he’s more than a father! I know, you can work a miracle.’
‘An ambulance? There isn’t yet, is it?’
‘On the way. Just about to be. I keep calling.’
‘Hm, too long. Hey, head up! I’m sure, he’s gonna be fine!’

They came first.

‘You stay here! Wait,’ she said to him crossly in the doorway, getting herself in the bedroom.

Her cute face stoutly changed, her eyes focused. She was no longer a nice woman, but a well-functioning practitioner acting flatly, direct and to the point.

The doctors showed up in a bit. Once inside, they began to assist. In no time they were able to appreciate the abilities of this young lady as a doctor.

The active manipulations took place, the struggle for human life, the desperate efforts for the possibility of his transportation in ICU.

There was a husband behind the door. Unable to stand outside, he cautiously looked in.

‘Stay there, please!’ it was that came from his wife.
‘He’s alive?’ his voice trembling.
‘Shut the door, I said! … Pressure?! Heart rate?!.. Yet again, please!.. Good, thank you, colleagues!’

After a time she got out of the bedroom. Her face was pale with red-rimmed eyes. She was visibly stumbling and rocking from exhaustion for she’d hardly slept in days: far too much shift at the hospital by night, the family squabbles, and that list goes on.

That said, there was another man in her life. He was her lover, adoring this young woman, supporting her as possible. And this man used to say that too jealous husbands frequently like to find fault everywhere, especially around their wives. So it’s time to think hard about herself and to take good care because she doesn’t have two lives, and the younger years they are actually short.

However, now all this does exist over there, somewhere out, far outside. But inside, right here by the bedroom door he’s been – her husband could barely stand upright:
‘Please, honey, how’s he doing there?’

He was unable to stop shaking all over. The husband who is going to be divorced tomorrow, who really wants to desert his depraved wife. But surely, not now.

She swung round from the window where she was standing lost in her thoughts, and quickly came up.

‘Hey, calm down, please. Need to pull it together! Your dad is alive. And so he’s gonna be! Really strong man!
‘Anything else we could do?’
‘All we can gets done. Another vehicle is coming up now. We gotta get him swiftly to the hospital.’
‘Your hospital?’
‘Surely. Already waiting for us there!’
‘Who’s waiting?’
‘A very good team.’
‘Oh, darling, you’re an angel!’
‘Not likely,’ she reflected him in a peculiar way.

The divorce would take no place tomorrow.

. . .

The elderly man was out of the hospital in less than a couple of months. Although he suffered a massive heart attack, he was lucky to be alive today. He looked pretty cheerful now. The spirit uplifted again and, surely, he wanted to see his son, and even more his enchanting daughter-in-law, an actually unique woman, who was his savior in addition to.

All recent time she hasn’t been leaving her husband’s father. Other doctors were grateful to her. If this qualified medic hadn’t been there on time at such a dangerous point, the old man could’ve gone down, they said.

‘My dear son, as you see, I’m alive, and I can kick your neck again!’

The old man gave him a look suspiciously.

‘Oh, daddy, what’s wrong?’
‘Never get me wrong, son. I’m still able to think, to understand something and clearly see as well.’
‘Something of what?’
‘Look at this woman, please. She’s my angel. If she gets harm from you, if you hurt her just a little, I… I’ll give you a damn good thrashing, ok? I know you better than you do yourself. Remember that.’
‘Yes, ok, I got it. Or… maybe I can’t figure out any of this. I don know now.’
‘Quite so, like that, I see. Take good care of her, man!’

Then the old one turned to his son’s wife and said to her fondly: ‘Please, come up here, my dear, close to me.’
‘Don’t worry, daddy,’ she replied giving out the warmth of her voice. ‘It’s all over.’
‘Yes, never better.’

He took her hand, pressed it to his bristly cheek, then quickly kissed.

‘I’ve got an anniversary coming up.’
‘Yes, we keep this in mind, dad!’ It was his son again.
‘Stay quiet for a bit, young man.’
‘We know, daddy, and we’re going to get here.’ she said softly.
‘Thank you, my angel.’

. . .

The old one’s seventieth birthday has been celebrated in a friendly fashion. That’s understood that his son with the cute spouse were attended this family event. They’re a bit late, they entered when all the guests had been already seated at the table.

Everyone stopped talking, eating, keeping in sight the lady just appeared. Not him, who’s been her husband, just her alone was taken in the range of their close attention. Everyone initially knew she was a doctor though nobody had never a clue what kind of. And now she was standing here just in front of the festive table, dressed fine, looking so pretty, and seemed to be loved.

‘Sorry you’ve had to wait for us so long,’ she said. ‘I got caught up a little at work.’

Her husband was in no hurry to apologize. It was an extra step, he thought.

The old man got up and, forgetting everyone around, sat the young lady down right next to him.

. . .

The evening fell down. There was silence and all around softly absorbed by the sky starlit above. Clear moonlight was blinking on their faces.

They were now alone in this nice and cozy backyard. Her husband was unable to stand still. He cautiously said to her.

‘You… I’d like you to stick with me. ’

No answer has come yet, just her expressive eyes in the dark. Then her sharply strict look gave him out her voiceless reply, but her exact one.

‘You wanna stay with him?’ his voice slightly trembled.
‘Dear, we got kids. Oh, sorry, I see you’re getting angry. Yeah, that’s not good idea to get them involved.
‘Still love me?’

There was a visible fear in his eyes.

She stayed quiet though her eyes seemed to be saying for themselves: ‘Come on, keep going, I do hear you.’

‘Yes, sure, you can just dump me, but… I’d never forget what was done by you for… for my dad.’

‘I do the same for anyone; I’m a doctor,’ these words were only expressed on her serious face, again with no sound.’

‘Love you, darling,’ his voice and his pride were both falling down at that instant. ’And… I will always do. I’ll always be… waiting for you.’

‘And I’m not a damn whore anymore?’

Only her eyes told him back instead of herself while silence was reigned outside.

. . .

Chapter 2

‘Hey! I really know you’ve been cheating on me, you bastard! Tell me where the hell did you spend last night?’

Well, now we are talking about a totally different woman. And, it’s unlikely she’s pretty as well, especially after many years of their family madhouse they exist in.

‘You should’ve taken pity at least on your children! They’re crying! They’ve been up bawling. All night! They’re looking for daddy. But where he is? You’re such just like a beast!’

Sad to say, this once nice woman’s good manners had evaporated a couple of decades before. Today, she is able to swear in such a way that her husband has to permanently keep himself on the defensive.

‘Don’t put the kids ahead! They’re no longer children as well!’ he shouted back. ‘Really got tired of your trash talk and showdown!’
‘My showdown?! Got tired?! You, damn?.. No, it’s me who’s exhausted of you!’
‘Ok, let’s keep the noise down, please. I think… I think I could leave right now, if you want to.’
‘Just fuck off, filthy traitor! Get the hell away! Damn cop!’
‘I’m no longer a cop, just an attorney.’ said he, having a great desire not another word followed. ‘Say no more, please.’

That said, it didn’t work out this way.

‘You’re a lousy attorney! God, hate you so much! We can get by on our own! Without you! Yes, we can! And we don’t really want you here anymore. We don’t need you. Get outta here, scum!’
‘Just speak for yourself, neither for all nor for the kids.’

But alas, she will do all things her way.

. . .

‘I got a bad feeling about all that, son. My mind isn’t at rest.’

Late one evening, father and son were sitting at the table, both having downcast looks.

‘I don’t think I can stand this way anymore, Dad. Forever in her debt! All I ever hear is just whining, her whining about some sort of: limited space, no extra chance to take some time off on vacation, kids have no chic iPhones, valuable piano, skates, skis! Yes, that may be some true, but they got everything they need. Our kids have to be well-suited and booted? And they do. They attend to a fancy school. And the list goes on. But if my wife requires something more? Sorry, I’m not a millionaire, just a regular attorney. Gotta get a drink, Dad?

His father paused awhile before he said back.

‘Ok, let’s have a little, son.’

‘When I got married, I was sure it was love, but the prison came out. Why’s that?’
‘Love, son, it’s just for the first few nights. Having a family is always hard work, and something like to toil and moil.’
‘What was that? You seriously think this way, Dad?’
‘That’s how our life is.’
‘Just hard work? I’m a… ‘the man of twists and turns, driven time and again of-course…’
‘…off, man, off course, as Mr. Homer said. And you’re not that man… of twists and turns.’
‘Yeah, you’re right, Dad, but either way, it’s hard work. Everywhere! At work or at home. When we’re gonna to live, Dad? Ok, screw that heckin’ love, but what about to live? All I want is to exist a little in peace, with no foul mouth and squabbles.’

Suddenly, the old man looked him squarely. A touch of disapproval was reflected in his eyes framed by deep furrows. Then he said in his husky low voice.

‘But… if I’ve got right, ain’t you get lost in your way?’

The son had to avert his eyes.

‘Hey, put your eyes up. Who’s she?’
‘Maybe better to drink, dad?’
‘Why you’re saying this?’
‘You wanna happen to be a toper? What the hell, son?’
‘Cuz they all drink!’
‘All it’s not about you yet.’
‘Me… pretty much is… the same.’
‘Spell that out.’
‘I just wanna say that all drink. You know that. Look, Dad: coming home being already angry like a dog, but that’s not all! Come on, let’s have another fight! Ok, I vividly remember that the family it’s hard work. Move on and here we are, we get another swearing – that’s great! Then we got a good drink and go to bed – it’s all right for today!’
‘Come on, son, no more.’
‘Why so? I could go on further, Dad!’
‘Stop it, I say! I know that myself. Tell me, how’s your work going?’
‘Much better. More customers. It’s just easy for me; I’m a former cop.’
‘What about money?’
‘Easy, easy.’

A couple of jokes about bribes followed, they both laughed a little. Then the old man said to his son, now not in joke.

‘I asked you, who’s she? Why didn’t you hear me? Or maybe that’s me, who doesn’t hear you?’
‘She’s a doctor, dad.’

. . .

And something then completely unexpected occurred.

‘Hello! Please, help me! Please!’

The son has just left his father’s house as his cell rang.

‘What’s up? What passes with you? No screaming, please. Could you tell me calmly what happened?’
‘Calmly? You’re out of your mind? ’
‘All right, drama queen, I lost my mind, but you can get outta here.’
‘Oh no, I’m sorry!’
‘What then? You mind telling me what the hell is going on?! Our?..’
‘No worries about our kids, they’re fine.’
‘Is something wrong with your kid brother?’
‘Yes, they’re all in custody. He’s too.’
‘But why?’
‘He’d been on the protest. With that sly dog, such a!..
‘Don’t say that! I know who you’re talking about. He’s a nice guy and doing all right.’
‘Is he a nice?.. That rascal?! Ok-ok, down, I calm down. Help!.. He faces up to five years if convicted. My sweet little brother! Oh my Gosh!’
‘Many face up in prison now. Even the ones who still don’t tend to be aware of that. Ok, get it.’
‘What d’you get it?’
‘Your brother is a really impressive fella.’
‘Yes. Yes! We grew up!.. Together! I’ve always been both as a big sister and as a mom for him! You gotta get it!’
‘Stop blubbering, please. Don’t be crying, I say! Now I need specifics.’
‘What kind of?’
‘All. All you know. Short and sweet. Come on!’

The husband, who is an ex-damned cop, who is a filthy traitor and ‘like beast’, he keeps meeting the right people for the next two weeks. Every day does he so. He pays visits to all sorts of bosses, old good buddies and new business partners.

He writes no end of necessary legal stuff, largely crap, using up a ton of paper. He makes nice gifts to important persons. Twice, he and the general, they’ve recently met, got really drunk in fancy restaurant. This general wasn’t the greatest one, but also a significant prop in the local structure of authority. And this amazing peace officer likes to live a life of beauty and luxury; that was just his little hobby in a spare time. And the list could go on.

It’s been just a couple of weeks since this time, or mayhap months – no matter how many exactly.

‘Oh, jeez! Yeah, that’s really a high-profile trial!’ he said to the woman who’s been still his wife.
‘So what’s gonna happen?’ her voice was trembling with fear in her eyes.
‘He’s due in court anyway.’
‘Please, hold on! I’m not actually done, wait till I finish. The court will not find him guilty of jointly aiding, as well as of abetting to riot. He just happened to be there. By accident. He’s the victim himself, indeed. We’ll attend the trial, too, and I need you to be prepared. All specifics should be very well researched by you’
‘Ok-k… Okay, sure.’

Before long, he asked her:
‘Say, you got all that right?’
‘Yes. Yes, I did.’
‘Good. He should be released tomorrow.’
‘I’m scared to death even thinking about.’
‘Have no fear!’
‘Help me be so, please.’
‘I’ll try.’

For this time no insults followed of her. He’s neither a bastard, nor a traitor anymore. Today, he’s a hero in her sight. She was even ready of saying ‘I love you’!

No matter how, but the miraculous thing happened!

‘I was sure! I got great faith in you. Always! You’re really serious man. Just if you get down to business yourself!..’
‘Ok-ok, I get it. I gotta go.’ followed his answer in a dull voice.
‘But… maybe you could stay with me, please?’

He was unable to be pushed out of his head the insulting she inflicted in abundance. It were all itself silhouetted sticking deeply in his heart. But at the same time, he had no hard feelings about her. Yeas, that was clearly understandable. She’s been too nervous recent years and just snapped. As always, the main part of negative vibe were out of nowhere, for nothing and surely from scratch. That said, it was still possible she could be understood, at least for one point – it was him who’s been cheating on. Not her.

‘Willing to forgive you,’ said she quietly, looking down.
‘No need.’
‘She’s still your favorite, yes? Not me?’
‘That pretty Doc you got smitten.’

The following day came. The young spunky guy got free. He was not strong enough in his body, but not in his spirit. He was beaten up badly by uniformed heavily armed ‘k-heroes’ with their rubber truncheons, though they hadn’t been broken him. Even lying on the stone-cold floor, spitting blood, he didn’t go down himself getting more infuriated his abusers. He kept the core point in mind: his pretty girlfriend, she’s been now in the kind of situation, his love’s been in the same boat.

She was also beaten and abused by ugly and evil beetle-women in uniform. These beetles have had the heavy batons of rough rubber, as well. And they were even more cruel than the executioners in pants. And now her boyfriend would obviously have to die sooner than let himself to give up.

He refused to take a plea deal, so he was looking at real jail time.

But luckily, the brave guy got free today.

At the moment of his release, the uniformed ones, standing in the gap of the iron gate, had threatened the boy in a low voice:
‘Nobody’s gonna help you out next time, a little bitch.’
‘Next time it’s gonna be us who will judge you all!’
‘Fuck off! Get lost untill you’re alive!’

A young man, limping and pressing his palm on to his side, turned back and ran with his thumb across the throat.

‘That’s coming soon. Wait!’ he said rampantly. ‘Just give it a little time!’

His sister, his big and loving sis, she enfolded him into her arms, hugging him, holding tight, touching his face, nonstop weeping and murmuring:
‘Are you hurt?’
‘I’m ok!’
‘Oh no, I see the horrible pain you’re in, my poor boy!’

He was putting on a brave face, yet closely anyone could say he’d been deeply rattled.

‘I see things, my boy. Did they do that, didn’t they? They hit you! Oh no!’
‘Please, try to believe me. I’m fine!’
‘But how could you do that? Did you think of us? And about me?! You’re an adventure so naughty! You are shameless, you know?

Kept a little silent, he sharply said:
‘If I do think of you, I’ll certainly go there again.’
‘What?!.. What d’you say? Are you completely dum-dum, right?!’
‘Yeah, just like when we’re both kids,’ he said with a serene smile, while she kept weeping, and hugging him.

By nightfall, there was a little celebration on this joy at home. Strange joys yet sometimes happen up here in this area, and they do exist at every turn.

So, we have a brave guy who was successfully rescued today. We also have his beloved sister and, of course, her husband, almost ex-one, and who is an ex-cop. It was just as he was standing on the stairwell, smoking alone in silence. One-two minutes on, his wife had appeared.

She got closer being pretty psyched. Looking in his eyes, she’s oftentimes dropping hers. He stashed the lit cigarette behind his back so that no smoke rings would run high in front of her. A quiet kept on between them.

‘D’you have the tenderness for me, don’t you?’ she said in a hardly audible voice. ‘We loved before.’

Only silence in response.

‘Tell me, please, you still love me?’ she asked even more quietly.
‘I know, I made your life unbearable. Yes, I know that. I also know that I’m a woman with a vile temper. But… but we’ve got k-ki…

Wincing a bit, he said nothing. It was not a good idea to put kids forward.

‘You loved me once.’

He thought back, no words: ‘Just our first nights, they were really great wedding ones.’

He was merely keeping his eyes on her, being lost himself far in thought.

‘You know, the family, it’s sacred,’ she whispered just with her lips, her eyes down on the cold floor. ‘The family, it’s hard work.’

He remained no words again, just thinking: ‘Hard work? Why should it be like that? Are you all in galleys, in penal servitude? Why does it have to be hard labor? Maybe it’d still be better having love?’

‘Ain’t you got nothing to tell me?’
‘Maybe… you’d stay today?’ she asked.

No, he wouldn’t. He still couldn’t make up what’ve been going the best to do. However, he definitely saw the way that was impossible to keep going any longer. He had no intention to get this way any farther. And he won’t.

So by now he’s merely gone.

. . .

The Gentle Point For The Spicy Tip.

Milan. Graceful and beauteous that’s all around. Pretty warm days of mellow fall set in. There is a local landmark nearby as you see that is a worldwide renowned. And it is it that currently right in front of you, my dear contemplative beholder.

There’s a mature one herein at this very moment. Well-dressed in style suit, a light autumn coat swung above his shoulders.

A top-flight attorney is looking around, deeply exciting, waiting for a heart-tingle meeting.

Having her met, he got her into his arms, without saying any he’s been slightly kissing her cute face, touching her lovely lips with his, her slightly visible dimples.

And only their self-speaking eyes crossed to each one.

She gently pressed against him, giving him back with her entire womanish nature a softness in response to his fondness and tenderness.

‘Missed me?’ he whispered.
‘Totally,’ mouthed she who was a doctor and also top-flight.

It was a warm evening as they went out for a walk.

‘What do we do now, honey?’ came a soft voice of him in a low. ‘What do we have?’
‘What’d you mean by that?’
‘We gonna keep hiding on?’
‘I’m not. Hate hiding.’
‘Hope, me neither. And?..’
‘Don know. Perhaps, we’re able to live happily ever after? Either way, I’ll keep healing people.’
‘Then I’ll keep having them rescued. Oh, how d’you like me in the state like that?’
‘Great,’ she said quietly, smiling and walking close beside.
‘I’m a rescue worker. Lifeguard! But only for monetary purposes, for good money, and better always up front.’ he spoke self-ironically and smiling too.
‘You’re so materialistic monster, aren’t you?’
‘Oh, yeah!.. And, on top of that, I love Italian brands, nice rides, a lot of other stuff.’
‘But that’s not patriotic at all.’
‘Absolutely! And that’s for you, honey.’
‘What’s that?’

Having looked, she exclaimed:
‘Oh no! It’s very…’
‘And that’s for you too! It seems… no, doesn’t seem. Sure, I love you. With all my vices and sins.’
‘With ours. With all our vices, cheating… lying.’

An unbelievable and incredible night has passed for both!

They woke up on a late Milanese morning and stayed in bed for an extended time. Neither spoke, no words still sounded. Twice she looked up quickly at him. He didn’t take his eyes off hers.

Then she said with the pensive glance:
‘What do we get?’
‘?..’ he did look at her cautiously.
‘What does it all turn out to be? Does it mean, unless am I missing something, all this is just a pack of lying? Cheating? Then I can’t feel so good today, though I do. But then I’m now who knows nothing about… about nothing. Please, tell me, what was that then this night?’
‘No idea myself, honey.’
‘Depravity and sin, it’s just at the moment when I feel good and joyful, even happy, right?’
‘Yes, I got thoughts that all our holiness this is a hard labor in the field of bloody sweat and tears.’
‘Oh, I think I know what’s this about.’
‘All I know… the family it’s hard work, as far as I recall. And this show must go nonstop!’
‘Hm, tell me then, please, what does it mean? – lying, cheating?.. What’s all this stuff?’

. . .

Anyone could’ve been getting the answer correct and exact in such scenario as long as we’ve got so many issues and troubles? – Doubts.

Major doubts we’re getting all at each turn keeping hit, hurt and damage ourselves. And hence some feel afraid that there’s still no clear reply, just as the others have nothing at all, and so they both feel none.

Or maybe anyone is able to be with something truly to say? Who woulda verily known for that? Neither of yours, nor of ours, none of us all. Thus, no point to be in asserting there’s one of you-us who is actually knowledgeable more.

The End.

Written in 2019.
Translated by A. Pavlov in 2022.
ISBN 978-5-9907791-2-9


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